Baby earl napping
Baby Earl (voiced by Brad Garrett) is a mischievous baby eagle from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. He appears in the episode "To Kilimanjaro Bird."


Baby Earl is a small, almost undersized, eaglet with a skinny body and a giant head. His feathers are dusky brown in color while his neck and head are a grayish-white, with his eyelids being the same color as his lower body. Like most eagles, his talons and beak are bright orange. His eyes are bright blue.


Baby Earl is a very mischievous baby eagle who is still learning how to fly. He seems to deliberately get Timon and Pumbaa in trouble after they are forced to babysit him by Mother Eagle.

Role in seriesEdit

After stealing his breakfast, Timon and Pumbaa are instructed by Earl's loudmouthed mother to babysit him. Earl gives them the slip by repeatedly leaping out of his nest. Towards the end of the episode, Baby Earl learns how to fly by using the aid of the two safety pins in his nappy.