Lara (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a gazelle from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa who makes her first and only appearance in "Beauty and the Wildebeest."


Lara is a beautiful gazelle who wears a pink bow. After Mel runs away from Herman, Lara puts her head in the water and reveals that she is very unattractive.


Lara appears to be kind-hearted. Although Herman is ugly, she still has romantic feelings for the wildebeest.


Lara first appears drinking water with her friends. When her friends make fun of Herman for his appearance, the gazelle tries to make them leave him alone. She later gets depressed when she sees Herman leave them. When the jungle celebrates Lara's birthday, she sees Mel, who wants her love. Lara, however, shows no romantic feelings in Mel. She then sees Herman with his new handsome appearance, making Mel jealous and want to fight with the wildebeest. After Herman shows Mel his ugly appearance and the male gazelle runs away, Lara is impressed at the wildebeest being himself and then she reveals that she is ugly. The two fall in love and then kiss.