Quint (voiced by Corey Burton) is a muscular guy who appears as a recurring antagonist in the Timon and Pumbaa TV series.

Role in seriesEdit

Quint's role in the show varies widely from episode to episode, ranging from a non-villainous man with an honest job, but which happens to antagonize Timon and Pumbaa; to an utterly evil criminal wanted by the FBI. His first name or title also varies a lot (e.g. Culinary Quint, Criminal Quint, Cusco Quint - for some reason it often seems to start with C). In the episode "The Pain in Spain", two Quints are seen at the same time, proving that there is more than one of him. Roles played by Quint include: Cusco Quint, a con artist who tricks Timon into stealing Pumbaa's giant gold pebble for him in "Yukon Con"; Criminal Quint, a thief who has commited the perfect crime by stealing $1,200,000 and whose suitcase is exactly identical to Timon & Pumbaa's, resulting in trouble for the duo in "How to Beat the High Costa Rica"; the Evil Clock Inspector in "Swiss Missed"; Culinary Quint, a French chef who tries to make escargot out of Timon and Pumbaa's snail friend Speedy; a wildlife photographer in "Truth or Zaire", and much more...